Innovative, fully integrated compliance solution

ColabON Compliance Solution connects data and expertise in a content based and version controlled database.

Notified Bodies require to see QMS traceability and connections. In an ever-increasing speed. This is why we use ColabON compliance solution.

Customer statement

Why? – Because compliance is market access. – Because good quality management is faster time-to-market. – Less product care cost. – More fun in product development

No Compliance = No Sales

Know-how for life science products and cyber-security.

With modular QMS templates – plug and play – ready to use.

business people discussing ColabON compliance solution

Connect your data for a
synchronous overview

Reduced complexity
Reduced redundancy

Always up to date
Always consistent

Reach more markets
Reach them faster

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Best practice, expertise, real data for life science products.

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I believe we have more templates than template contents!

Customer looking at ColabON Template Overview

In our previous system, finding the effective gaps in SOPs took months. Much longer even than it took to close them. Never again!

Customer looking at Impact Analysis

In a culture where templates are considered untouchable, nobody opens that box. We need a tool that can reduce complexity and redundancy without the fear that it will compromise compliance.

Customer realising the level of redundancy in current system

ColabON Compliance Solution

The software connects data. This establishes traceability between regulatory inputs and evidences in a relational database.

Gap Analysis Tool

Standard Interpretation Tool

Best practice, expertise, real data for life science products included.

Currently, more than 15’000 Regulatory Requirements available

Content and version-controlled QMS inside

ColabON consist of a version-controlled QMS as a part of the solution. See features for more details.

And on the other hand, colabON comes with a lot of compliance data, all kinds of proposals, overview and a compliance dashboard.

ColabON Compliance Solutions is digital QMS, and traceability software

ColabON can be used to manage QMS, to interpete standards, to generate generic product requirements.

NO, we’re no document management system. It’s 2023.

Currently, more than 15’000 Regulatory Requirements available

Our Customers’ are listed companies

They use ColabON as QMS Designer

QMS Veviewer

ColabON Compliance Solution is Multi-Site

ColabON compliance solution is a SaaS Software with multiple tenants. Use a tennant for each QMS Site. Compare each QMS with the connected regulatory requirement.

Compliance Dashboard

Always up to date