Our Solution

Broader Market Access –

International compliance data inside

Faster Market access –

with know-how and examples for life science products

70% lower QMS maintenance cost –

always current traceability

content based and version controlled relational database

Compliance overview – in real-time

dashboards and statistics

Efficiency and simplicity

ColabON offers Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides an all-content approach to quality management for life science companies.

Our software is specifically engineered for life science companies. It is built on a deep understanding of our clients’ quality management processes, reporting and record keeping requirements.

We support the development, registration, quality management and life cycle management of your products. So you can devote more time to developing and selling great products.

Cyber security is at the core of what we do. Our compliance with the highest standards of information security ensures that everything you entrust to our secure server is as protected as you need it to be.

two people sitting in front of a computer and discussing

Securely hosted software takes your single-input data and automatically ‘connects the dots.’

  • No duplication
  • Continuously up to date and accurate
  • Meaningful information, insights and reports
  • Clean, well-ordered and simple to use

Connected data becomes powerful information

If it belongs together, we manage it together

Sophisticated change and configuration management of your data gives you meaningful content. And, because it’s always from your original source, it’s always current.

This fully integrated software with best in class data analytics can have you up and running in a week. So you have a Stage 2 ready Quality Management System faster.

Secure, searchable, stored

Every version of released data is safely stored and never deleted. Even years later, you can turn back time to see exactly what information was released when. And all the changes in between.

Our software, Your system

Go all in, or take it step by step. A modular approach to our software means you have a choice. Talk to us about the options and how to achieve and accelerate your efficiency.

Build on best practice

Your system starts from a position of best practice because our knowledge and expertise are built in. From day one, you have access to valuable content and usable data, pre-loaded where and when you need it.