Share our Vision

  • Innovations from life science companies touch all our lives, often when we are at our most vulnerable.
  • ColabON exists to support the specific needs of this important industry.
  • So your organisation can devote more time to developing and selling great products.

Our co-development approach

collaborate: colabon team members sitting on a couch

You can guess from our name, we are all about collaboration to achieve the best possible results. We know that our software will become better, faster if we co-develop by listening to our most forward-thinking customers and working with their input to drive our product forwards.

Join our co-development think tank to help shape ColabON to your needs.

Are you in?

We invite you to help steer our ongoing software development according to your needs. Our agile approach is synonymous with fast turnaround and iterative development, so you won’t have to wait too long for improvements and results.

Our co-development think tank meets twice each month. That allows us to work quickly on your feedback and the development of next features.

Join our think tank to get:

  • Free access to the ColabON app, to use with your data
  • Early access to the most efficient quality system ever
  • Support from our technical experts as you test new features
  • To vote on the next feature to be implemented
barista on the coffee machine: collaborate